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Style Redesigned

It's no easy task to balance an apartment's basic functionality with elan and enviable fashion sense. When you buy a home, an act of measured tact, combining the use of furniture, fabrics and designs can lend it a unique style. The efforts made to achieve a highly functional yet stylish home shows in the easy, effortless use of the space on a daily basis. Here are some basic tips that AVS ORCHARD will use in most of its residential properties so as to give you the best in terms of both style and efficacy.


  • Colour schemes say a lot about the people residing in a home. Colours are known to influence the mood of the environment and so rooms need to be painted so as to suit the utility of that particular area.
  • Warm colours like shades of yellow and orange help give a lively tint to a room, while cool colours like blue and white provide a relaxed and refreshing atmosphere. The best place for warm shades could be the children's room and study, while the bedroom would be a great place for a soothing cream or blue tinted paint.
  • You may use light colours to create an illusion of spaciousness especially if the room is small. Darker colours tend to make a room appear cosier
  • Various tones of the same colour when applied in a large area like the drawing room cum dining area or in the bedroom helps break the monotony of the scheme and adds more dimensions to the interior. For a more daring look, use contrasting colours and for a restful look, use colours that are in harmony like blue and green
  • Using a different colour for the apartment ceiling can create an interesting pattern. A white ceiling will give the illusion of a higher ceiling, while a dark shade like chocolate or dark blue will give the illusion of a lower one
  • Painting one wall in vivid colour and the rest in stark white can create an interesting contrast and add the element of drama to a room
  • White can be used to separate areas in a monotonous space and create cordoned off areas without the use of walls. Colour coordination of certain spaces can achieve the same effect


  • Making your furniture enhance the looks of your beautiful flat is as important as its utility. Here are a few tips that can help you.
  • Space out the furniture in each room such that each area looks balanced. Draw an imaginary line through the room and balance the furniture placed in each part
  • Tables and dining furniture with painted and distressed finishes help hide wear and tear. They are easy to clean and maintain surface quality
  • Choose a specific style of furniture for your flat. You could choose from the leisurely style of simple bamboo based furniture or antique teak wood or even metal
  • Though the traditional way of setting up furniture is to arrange it around a central object like a coffee table, you could also try asymmetrical arrangement by having the couch/ sofa set in one portion of the drawing room and a lower seating area with rugs, mattresses and cushions in another area
  • Glass centre tables give the illusion of space and so do glass cupboards that can hold your china and delicate crystal ware
  • White can be used to separate areas in a monotonous space and create cordoned off areas without the use of walls. Colour coordination of certain spaces can achieve the same effect


  • The use of soft, heavy or even a good combination of textures can contribute to the lighting effects within a room. Fabrics can also help make an apartment look roomier or cosier.
  • Counter-balance one surface texture with an opposite, for example, a thick pile rug on a polished floor
  • Use washable, high-performance upholstery and rugs for spaces occupied by kids and high usage areas
  • Mats and rugs in general are functional elements that must be placed in a smart and efficient manner, for instance, a mat near a bed or bathroom but not near the entrance of a door to avoid slippage and accidents
  • Pillows and throws make for practical use if they are placed on cushions and surfaces that collect dust or dirt too soon
  • Screens and curtains in a room can help regulate lighting and also create an atmosphere in the room depending on the fabric used. Use linen fabric curtains if the area is bright and sunny and heavier fabrics depending on the light in-take
  • Thick double curtains with the inner layer made of thick dark fabric and the outer layer made of sheer white fabric, forbid light entering the bedroom while you sleep

Wall Space

  • Use the wall space to define the beauty and character of your long sought after Mayfair Residency apartment. The cleverer the use of the wall scheme, the more striking the interiors will look.
  • Choose a group of prints with a similar theme, such as flowers, animals, shells or figures. Framing the series identically can lend a look of artistry
  • You can personalize groupings by incorporating articles that convey a story, such as family mementos, souvenirs from travels, or architectural fragments
  • You can have a wall area in your flat, like around the staircase or in your drawing room, arranged with framed pictures of the family, in a symmetrical or asymmetrical manner
  • Use of objects of varying sizes and shapes makes for interesting focus when grouped by theme, pattern or their historical period. This can work for pictures, masks, wall decor or even lamps when used as decorative pieces in the apartment


  • The idea of a lighting scheme revolves around allowing you to go through different times of day while maximizing the living space according to the mood you want, at the click of a button.
  • The North facing room offers a cold and harsh light, therefore integrating warm colours in the decor in this area would be a good idea
  • If your room is East facing, you will have to use artificial lighting to control the natural glare, though well balanced after the morning
  • In a South facing room, usually there is warm light all day. Such rooms are the best as kitchens and main living areas
  • West facing rooms are great evening rooms as they have natural soft lighting by the end of the day
  • Using Halogen bulbs in the apartment give a truer representation of colour than ordinary tungsten ones
  • Avoid using heavy drapes in a room which is not blessed with natural light
  • Maximize light in-take by using longer curtain poles, so that fully opened drapes do not partially block the window edges. Consider blinds for similar reasons
  • Always paint window sills in bright colours. This will reflect light and avoid the feel of window sill clutter
  • Place a mirror on the wall opposite a window to reflect light back into the room, so as to maximise the light. This is especially good in drawing rooms and dining rooms as this also create an illusion of space in the flat
  • You can use stained glass or colour treatment on the window glass to hide a bad outside view, without blocking light
  • Make your apartment look cosier by using table lamps, singularly or in clusters. Such an arrangement also helps create lots of little low pools of light in a large, high room
  • You can use different types of lights like directional lights to highlight architectural features or paintings or other works of art
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